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About KHM Textil

KHM TEXTIL was founded in 2011, based in Pleven-Bulgaria, by Spanish and French manufacturers with more than 30 years of experience in the textile industry, which allows us to support our development and our activities based on deep knowledge and competence. Pleven is a city with a long history and experience and a huge potential within the textile industry, which allows us to have access to fully qualified workforce.

We started as a very small company with only 20 employees and a mid-level infrastructure. But with our hard work and good quality, we have grown in the market in recent years and have developed well by competing with the new modern knitting market. Our infrastructure has been really modernized with industrial machinery of last generation with a production capacity of more than 40,000 pieces per month, growing every year with at least 30% and reaching 140 direct employees.


This new project was born with the clear purpose of offering our customers high quality products and first class services at more competitive prices.

Our outstanding team of highly experienced and trained designers and technicians allows us to develop a product totally adapted to the latest fashion trends.

More than 90% of our capacity is used in the manufacture of several French brands of high prestige in the knitwear market. Each season we develop new collections that include both new models and new proposals in terms of yarns, textures and colors. We use any type of raw material, especially natural fibers and sometimes synthetic fibers. We work together with well-known Italian manufacturers of high quality yarn, which allows us to offer a 100% product made in Europe both in its materials and in its manufacture.

Our continuous adaptation to the technological developments implemented in the textile industry, allows us to produce all our products with machinery and equipment of last generation. Here is the information about our  knitting machine park  CMSStoll (German machinery):

Production Capacity
Gauge № of machines Production Per day Production Per week
14 14 400 2800
12 12 450 3150
7 10 500 3500
5 12 650 4500
3 8 500 3500

Our facilities extend to an area of 5,500 square meters where we carry out all the phases of manufacturing the product: weaving, cutting and sewing, finishing, shipping.

We have the latest technology and machinery in terms of design equipment and cutting and sewing equipment. Our manufacturing and finishing capacity is 2000 garments per day.

In addition, we collaborate with external partners that allow us to adapt our production capacity to the needs of our customers.

At KHM TEXTIL, we have developed an internal structure completely focused on quality and mainly implemented by a specialized department that performs a continuous and detailed control of the Quality System.

We have the latest technology and machinery in terms of design equipment and cutting and sewing equipment.

We are constantly updated in terms of technology and productivity committed to the total customer satisfaction that the company has demonstrated in the past and we also plan to enter into new areas of technology to serve the Textile industry in the future.

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